Derby Day Breakfast Links

It’s the first Saturday in May. That means the first leg of the Triple Crown is today, the Kentucky Derby. Grab a mint julep, have your significant other don their hat and check out the links. Financial, and Kentuckian.

The University of Kentucky has a tremendous basketball tradition. A friend of mine (badge TJH) who traded Eurodollars played there. He said it was an amazing experience.

Cody Willard is calling a bottom in real estate. If he is right, then the economy will begin to turn, and inflation ought to be just around the corner. Erik Hurst doesn’t think so, yet.

We are not halfway through 2011, but now is a good time to check the death list.

The signature sandwich of one of the finest hotels in Louisville, the hot brown.

Interesting article on Google.

Mint Julep recipe.

By the way, it cannot be called bourbon unless it’s made in Kentucky.  Jack Daniels is not bourbon, it’s whiskey.  “To legally be a bourbon, at least 51% of the grain used to make it must be corn. No less. Further, the whiskey cannot be distilled at a proof higher than 160, and when put into the barrels for aging, it cannot be higher than 125 proof. The aging must take place in fire-charred oak barrels that have not yet held any spirits. If the whiskey is distilled and aged in this way, it can be called straight bourbon. Finally, nothing can be added during the bottling other than water, making bourbon a very “natural” drink.”

I just call it brown.  And the best brown I have had is Eagle Rare.  What’s everyone else like?

No trip to Kentucky is authentic without a trip to the a bourbon trail. Kind a funny that you can sip bourbon, and drive. But, one of the cool things to do in the spring is drive, get some bourbon, and check out the foals that are running around the pastures.

Make Mom happy tomorrow.

Greek debt?  Irish debt?  Spain debt? Someone thinks it’s a Ponzi scheme. It think it’s like the old Popeye character Wimpy.  He could have been a European government financier.  “I’ll gladly pay you Tuesday for a hamburger today.”

Abraham Lincoln, America’s 16th President was born in Hodgenville, KY. I have visited there. Nice with little kids.

This is a cool place to visit, Mammoth Cave, KY.

My Old Kentucky Home

Not a Kentucky item: On May 18 at Poag Mahone’s at 3PM it’s Illini Happy Hour. All traders that are Illinois alums are invited to come and have a drink with Illinois Football coach Ron Zook and Illinois AD Ron Guenther.