Wisconsin Judge Race, TOO CLOSE TO CALL

And now the shenanigans begin.  No doubt, a bunch of Chicago ballot counting experts will head north to help out.  I am referring to the Supreme Court justice election in Wisconsin.  Currently, the Republican has a narrow lead, but it’s still too close.  It has to be the most examined state SC election in the history of the US. It is a referendum on public unions being able to steal money away from taxpayers at will.

For years, unions have bought and paid for politicians that have given them free will and lined their pockets.  It’s an incredible conflict of interest at best, and an incestuous relationship at worst.

You can help by donating to Judge David Prosser.  There will probably be a recount.   This will take money, time and lots of lawyers.  If you go to Wisconsin, bring lawyers (no guns) and money.  The sH%7 has hit the fan!

On CNBC last week, former SEIU boss David Plouffe said that they will be bringing ballot initiatives, legislating, and campaigning for unions from now until November 2012.  It is our chance to break the iron grip they have over government finances.  Part of the reason we are in the mess we are in is the unions and their outsized benefits, and the increased costs that they put on the system simply by existing.

This is a big piece in financial stability going forward.  The Democrats seek to replicate the Illinois machine on a nationwide basis.  Believe me, you want no part of that.  It’s crony capitalism on steroids.