A Couple of Figures of the Day

Nate Silver postulated that Obama would get a bump from the Libyan action.  He did, sort of.  Up 1.5%.  But today, a Quinnipac poll had him trending lower, 48% disapprove of him.  I think the reason is that he dithered, and then when he gave a speech to defend his actions the other night he was wishy washy.  At Intrade, there is an 80% chance Obama would have a job approval rating over 45% on March 31.

Obama also has a lot of other problems.  On one hand, he is talking energy policy. On the other, his administration has worked to close lands and seas from exploration.  His health care system is a disaster.  Still unpopular.  Dodd-Frank, the centerpiece of his financial legislation has proven to be a fraud do nothing bill.  (Actually it does more than do nothing, it inserts government into every aspect of your financial life.)

Given all that, you’d think Obama would get routed by the Republican generic candidate.  But, recent polling has him on top, by 2.8%.  At Intrade, they have a 62.3% chance that a Democrat will win.

It’s early, and the public is just beginning to learn about the candidates, but you’d think on a generic ballot they’d win.  The Republican House can elect the next President by showing they are serious about the deficit.  Mind their p’s and q’s, talk clearly and coherently without using smoke and mirrors tricks-Obama loses big.

By the way, I have heard noise that Haley Barbour could never be elected Prez because he is from the south, with a southern accent.  I have two words for them, President Clinton.


The Senate Republicans wimped out in the debt ceiling fight with the Democrats.  The Senate is supposedly the “cooling saucer” but their compromise was ridiculous given the financial circumstances we are in.  They don’t call the Republicans the stupid party for nothing. Anyway, there is a Tea Party rally in Washington DC tomorrow.  It’s important to keep the Tea Party in the forefront of politics.  The unions are more organized, and besides, they can get days off work easily to protest.  Much tougher with the Tea Party.

2011-put pressure on Congress and the President to cut spending

2012-toss the free spending rascals out, re-elect and elect fiscal conservatives.

Simple.  Make democracy work.