College Football Today

Big games today. Everyone will watch OU-Texas, or Florida-Alabama. Big time rivalries. However, there is one game that everyone ought to pay attention to.

Air Force vs Navy

Every kid playing in this game is going to be in battle upon graduation. Every kid in this game is preparing to sacrifice for your freedom. Every kid in that marches into the stadium in uniform is going to be laying their lives on the line for you. Puts it in perspective.

I remember when people were saying Senator John McCain was dumb because of his college record. He graduated near the bottom of his Naval Academy class. However, here is the typical Navy schedule.

“When the upperclassmen return to the academy in late August to begin the academic year, you begin a routine that becomes very familiar during your four years. A typical weekday schedule looks something like this:

5:30 a.m. Arise for personal fitness workout (optional)
6:30 a.m Reveille (all hands out of bed)
6:30-7:00 a.m Special instruction period for plebes
7:00 a.m. Morning meal formation
7:10 a.m. Breakfast
7:55-11:45 a.m Four class periods, one hour each
12:05 p.m. Noon meal formation
12:15 p.m. Noon meal for all midshipmen
12:40-1:20 p.m. Company training time
1:30-3:30 p.m Fifth and sixth class periods
3:30-6:00 p.m. Varsity and intramural athletics, extracurricular and personal activities
6:30 p.m. Evening Meal Formation
6:45 p.m. Supper
7:00-11:00 p.m. Study period for all midshipmen
11:00 p.m. Lights out for plebes
Midnight Taps for upperclass
When you add to this schedule the time required for military duties, inspection preparation and extra academic instruction, you can see the demands on your time are considerable.”

That is why it bugs me when someone tries to compare an academic record at a military academy to any record at any civilian college in the country. There are no “gut” courses at a military academy. It’s tough to study when for differential calculus when upperclassman are giving you grief about your “gig line” or if your shoes are shined.

I have a litte bit of experience as an Air Force Academy cadet. Lots of funny stories from a short period of time there. Typically, around 50% of an entering class doesn’t make it. The late Harry Chapin’s song about a Taxidriver is his story of going to the US Air Force Academy.  Jody Powell, President Jimmy Carter’s press secretary was tossed out for cheating.  That tells you all you need to know about politics.  The guys I still know from Air Force are all successful.  Some made it out, some didn’t.  But virtually all of them are straight up guys and did well.

The Streetwise Professor is a Naval Academy drop out.  So, I am sure he has a bit of a different perspective.  It’s clouded by saltwater.

I hate boats, so I have to say Go Air Force! Slash em with a beak! Rip ’em with a claw.

After the game is over, I wish the Navy cadets well. Study hard. Enjoy life. When you trade in the stripes of a firstie for the butter bars of an ensign or Marine 2nd Lieut., Godspeed to you. Hope you get the chance to stick an M-16 barrel up Bin Laden’s ass.