More Pessimism

Over at the lefty online mag, Glenn Greenwald writes about a collapsing empire.  It is more of the same.  Peggy Noonan wrote an article in the Wall Street Journal and PNF commented here.  Their initial hypothesis on the role of America is incorrect.  The Founding Fathers wanted to build a unique nation, not an empire.

Virtually everything Greenwald writes about has its roots in big government-not in the American people.  Noonan writes about similar problems, and at the core is government.  This confirms a trend for me.

The same people that extol the virtues of big government also excoriate the concept of free markets. Free markets are really easy to poke holes in.  They are messy.  Sometimes they take a while to get going.  Sometimes they have externalities that cannot be controlled.  Certainly, there are winners and losers. However, no other method is as efficient at allocating any resource as a free market.

The far left is not enjoying their triumph.  Their dream is being shattered.  They conspired via Journolist to try and control information.  Dirty tricks were employed in Iowa to send Hillary Clinton to defeat.  Virtually every plan they have passed through Congress is unpopular or a total failure; Auto bailout, Obamacare, Stimulus, Fin Reg.  Aware people know that the force that is ruining it is not the conservative policies of the right-but the fact that the policies of the left are so bad they cannot sustain themselves.

The left wing policies don’t rely on free markets.  They rely on mini ponzi schemes to be successful.  When the bottom of the pyramid runs out of gas, they pump money into it.  Eventually though, the charade is up, and the house of cards tumbles.

Fast forward ahead to around 2040, and Social Security as we know it will crumble in upon itself.

When the left says they rely on free markets, they really don’t.  What they mean are directed markets with some free market activity.  This means they get to pick some winners and some losers.  The externalities might be that others squeak through, but the market mechanism is controlled by them-and not the participants of the market.

America was never meant to be an empire.  An influential free nation, sure.  But a Roman empire, fuhgetabowtit.