Jr's 19 Bar B Que

One of the best things about summer is the grill. Man, I love barbeque. There is a place in Memphis, TN called The Commissary that has the best que I have ever had. Never get sick of going there. It’s worth a drive or flight from where ever you are.

I have been doing a lot of driving in the north midwest this summer, not exactly a hotbed of barbeque. More like a hotbed for lutefisk or a fish boil. However, in Brainerd, MN I picked up some sauce at a grocery store that was awesome. Jr’s 19. It’s only available up there I think.  I met the guy that made it.  Was selling it for $4.99.  We tried it on some pork shoulder, and it was excellent.  Tried it on some beef brisket with the same results.  It’s great on chicken too.

Supporting entrepreneurs is fun.  This guy developed this stuff himself.  He is a competitive barbeque guy, and said he has won a bunch of contests.  I haven’t checked his statements out, but the sauce is really great. I plan on figuring out a way to get some more.