Ms Sherrod and the NAACP

Ms. Sherrod was fired, then offered her job back by the Obama administration.  Interesting. Her record is very far left.  She is not a centrist.  That doesn’t make her a racist though.

First off, Obama is a coward for firing her.  Andrew Breitbart and Fox News made them so scared they fired her.  Breitbart certainly has a little egg on his face now, but he is probably smiling a little through it.  His expose forced the hand prematurely of Obama.  Neither Breitbart, nor Vilsack or anyone in the Obama administration did their homework on the entire tape.

One thing that is interesting is imagining if the shoe were on the other foot.  What if Ms. Sherrod was white, and addressing a hypothetical organization called the National Association of White People(NAAWP)?  What if she was talking about a black farmer, and taking him to “his people” when she was referring to a lawyer?  No doubt that she would be tarred and feathered and sent out to sea.

I think that her other statements were extremely misinformed.  She said that people are criticizing Obamacare because he is black. I abhor Obamacare and skin color has nothing to do with it.  As a matter of fact, I think that black people, because most of them are not wealthy, will suffer the most under Obamacare.  They won’t be able to afford a private doctor, and will have to wait in line for rationed care. Obamacare will devastate medical innovation. Obamacare will cause more people to go without care. Is it racist to be against that?

Saying that she would take the farmer to “his people”, kind of shows how she views the world.  It is based on skin color, not “the content of your character”.  The statements she made after the publicized statements could be construed as racial in nature. Now, enterprising reporters should investigate every statement that she has ever made, and dissect how she doled out funds under her control to see if they were done without racial preferences.

As for the administration, what a bunch of chickens.  They fire her under perceived pressure, then tries to rehire her under perceived pressure.  Is there anyone that knows how to lead up there?  Seems like all they do is put their finger up in the wind and react. Recent poll shows any generic Republican will beat Obama in 2012.

As for the NAACP, they are a far left organization.  The NAACP certainly contains some racists.  They are a Democratic lapdog, and rely on racial politics for money and power.  They are no different than a far right wing organization that always follows the Republican party blindly.

The Obama team and all Democrats nationwide will try and make this election all about social issues.  It’s the only leg they have to stand on.  If they go after economics, they will get killed. They are deathly afraid of the Tea Party movement and have unsuccessfully tried to tag it with a racist moniker. Wanting smaller government isn’t racist. It’s smart.

Here is the unedited video. Make up your own mind. It’s 43 minutes.

There are many Democratic officials that have made racist statements in the past.  It’s not just the Republicans that have the market cornered on this.

Been a huge controversy over this. Here are some facts. Breitbart didn’t edit the video-merely showed a video that was mailed to him by a source that was edited. CNN ran with the story first, not Fox. Fox News reported after Sherrod was fired. O Reilly had a segment on it before she was fired. He is on Fox News, but isn’t a “newsguy”.
Here is a link to a blog with an edited video of Sherrod’s husband.

Gets worse. The govt payment program Sherrod had contact with-massive scandal.