• McCain

    I assume you build your library after your term has expired?

    If so, I will be happy to help provide the seed money for 2013’s library project……..

  • admin

    sorry about the log in thing at the back end of this. I am working on the ap to get rid of that. Make sure you do view the photos though!

  • Gonzo

    Ground won’t be broken until a couple of years after 2018… and down deep, you lot know it.

  • Sarah

    So it takes 6 years out of office to break ground?

    Hope – change – progress ….

  • admin

    at another site, bsharebreakroom.com (an internal trader site, the following suggestions)
    Bookmobile (ha)
    gates of hell
    sesame street

    traders are funny. acid senses of humor.

  • Larry Carter

    Should build it Kenya with birther dollars.