Marry a genius-

Sometimes you get lucky. Benjamin Franklin offered lots of advice on marrying. I never followed it. Sometimes you get lucky. I married a smart wife.

However, talking about politics with my wife tonight, she offered a brilliant analysis of the current Democratic kerfuffle.

For those not from Illinois, here is some background. Cohen assaulted his girlfriend. She pled guilty to prostitution. Don’t you love Illinois politics? Two governors in jail, Every governor going back to 1966 except for 2 spent time in jail, and the current ex guv is on trial. Plenty of alderman, in jail. Operatives, in jail. Judges, in jail. We ought to just turn the floor of Chicago City Hall and Springfield into a penitentiary!

My wife looked at the developing situation and said, “Cohen will resign, and get a cushy job somewhere in the Machine. Then Dan Hynes (this/close runner up in Democratic primary for governor) will be nominated by the Democratic committee.” The runner up doesn’t automatically get the spot. Is there an Irish bookie we can call to place a bet. I think she has a crystal ball.