Illinois Senate Race

This race is not a Tea Party race. It pits an entrenched machine candidate, Alexi Gianoullis (Democrat) against an experienced Republican Congressman, Mark Kirk. Kirk does have very similar views to newly minted Massachusetts Senator, Scott Brown. He is a fiscal conservative. He is moderate on social issues. I wouldn’t call him a RINO in the sense that Arlen Spector was a RINO. Spector was not a fiscal conservative. Kirk is a RINO when it comes to social issues like abortion. But the state of Illinois is pretty purple when it comes to that issue.

Gianoullis is a machine politician. He is young, and worked for his father’s bank. He was the state Treasurer. My personal experience with the Illinois treasury office has been less than stellar. In January of 2009, I looked at my Illinois Bright Start savings account for my kids college education. It was in the dumper like the rest of the market. However, I had invested in “safe risk free investments”. Gianoullis had used a “wrapper” on this fund to try and increase yield. Guess what it was? You guessed it, sub prime real estate investments! We lost 40% on our college savings. In April, we decided to take the loss and write it off on our taxes. Not so fast said Treasurer Gianoullis. They passed a law that said anyone switching would be liable for a tax gain going back to January of 2009! So instead of getting a write off for my loss, I have to pay tax on a loss! This is how tax an spend politicians like Gianoullis work to sneak revenue into the government.

On the big issues of the day:
Health Care
Kirk is against Gianoullis is for
Fiscal Stimulus
Kirk against, Gianoullis for
Cap and Trade
Kirk voted for but has recanted that vote, Gianoullis for
Cutting taxes for everyone
Kirk for, Gianoullis against
Kirk ? Gianoullis in their back pocket

Gianoullis will be a rubber stamp on the Obama agenda. Kirk will fight against it.

In another issue near to my heart, no representative in Congress has brought more people to the CME to introduce and inform them on the futures business than Mark Kirk. Nothing creates jobs in Chicago like the futures industry.

Please support Mark Kirk for Senator of Illinois!