I thought Obama gave one of the most boring speeches a President has ever given.  It was totally unlike him as he is a pretty good speaker.  He did not shy away from his agenda.  It was not a move to the center.  The only part he did give in on was to lower some taxes on business.  You have to see the details of the proposal to know if it’s good or bad policy.  He chided the Supreme Court on their recent decision.   He blamed Bush for all of his problems, many times.  His delivery was very flat-boring.

Obama has been in office for a year.  Time to stop blaming Bush.  It’s his baby, he should run with it.

He offered a lot to parts of his left wing base that would be red meat.  LGBT people should feel good that Obama asked to repeal “Don’t ask Don’t tell” in the military.  I think that this is less of an issue than Gay civil unions.

He proposed cap and trade, health care, and more stimulus.  All losers with independents.  He proposed equal pay for women, which is a great sound bite but really not a workable policy.  The statistics are skewed-will cover that in a later post.

One proposal I liked was to offer incentives (depending on what they are) for energy efficiency.  He was good on energy.  More nuclear, more exploration.  But it will have the caveat of windmills and solar panels which work only in small scale installations.

Clinton was flexible and knew how to compromise to govern.  Obama does not.

As an aside.  You could tell a memo went out to all Democrats to wear purple.  Red+Blue=Purple Get it?!

5 thoughts on “SOTU-After

  1. S+P is up after the speech. This could tell you three things. One they loved the speech. Two, a sigh of relief. Relief rally. Three, Obama stuck to his guns on policy-which are wildly unpopular among the mainstream of America-so they won’t get enacted.

    If I were a Democrat, I would be scared. It will be a tough run this year. My prediction is Republicans will not get to 52 in the Senate-but they will pick up lots of seats. Evan Bayh’s seat is the bell weather. If Bayh loses, the Dems are in big trouble. He is positioned as a moderate. They will lose the House in that case and you can say “HI” to Speaker Boehner.

    But as every trader knows, Republicans should not count their chickens before they hatch.

  2. OMG…Jeff Carter thought Obama’s speech was boring. Alert the media.

    Depends on who’s side your on and who’s ox is being gored, now, doesn’t it?

    I thought the speech was pointed, erudite and well delivered. Typical Obama. He told off the Supreme’s who sorely needed it and put the onus on the Republicans for their obstructionist methodologies.

    As I had said before, Obama goes over to the offensive, brings up his poll numbers by November and it’s the Republicans that take the bath. I like it when he blames Bush. It’s a page right out of Lee Atwater’s book.

    The independents go with the flow. If it looks like Republicans have the momentum, they’ll be Repblicans…and visa versa. They don’t know what to think.

    You didn’t say anything about Obama’s play to his base…the under 25’s and college educated, where you can’t find a Republican with a divining rod. He offered to make Pell Grants more available and reverse Bush’s shameless sop to the banks on student loans. I liked his comment on the costs of higher education.

    As a manufacturer, I liked the idea of tax credits for small business, and any kind of a push for exports has to be a good thing when you consider how much our trade balance is weighted the other way…thanks big oil.

    And there is still nobody in the Republican camp that can give a speech like Obama. I know that you, like me, are looking forward to seven more of these.

  3. Gonzo…are you kidding me? 7 more years of this. Obama has two hopes of seven more years. Bob Hope and No Frickin Hope. Granted…Bush was no prize, but Obama is a fraud. EVERY die-hard Sox fan knows there is no N in Comiskey. Tim Pawlenty from MN will be our President in three years. CNBC will make sure of it.

  4. here is a deeper analysis of the prez speech.

    I think this puts Tom’s comments into perspective. Market is down today. Why? Fears of the Bank of England blowing up.

    Moral of the story for a government: Add debt to your balance sheet at your peril.

  5. As Obama said, he only added a trillion to the debt and that to save the economy. The Bush did the rest. Obama or any president can only work so many consecutive miracles in a row. If the economy gets moving, the debt will take care of itself.

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