Figures of the Day

» Fact Check: Reich Claims Non-Existent Fox News Led Conservative Charge in 1994 – Big Journalism

Robert Reich, needs to sharpen his pencil.  He is not an economist by the way

Conservatives Arrested In Attempted Phone Tampering Of Landrieu’s Office – Political Junkie Blog : NPR

From hero to goat if true.  Kid over reached.  What should we call this?  Oystergate?  Gumbogate?   He exposed ACORN for what it was.

And the FOMC today did nothing. (0.25% rate)  But, lunch was nice and they got done just in time to play 18 and take a steam at the club.  The stock market didn’t like it.  Broke on the news. It is before 3PM, so I don’t know where it closed.

Board of Governors of the Federal Reserve System

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