We Don’t Have A Strategy Yet

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That excuse can work in startups.  When you are a founder and your investor or board member questions you about something, it’s totally allowable to say, “We don’t have a strategy yet.”  No one can have all the answers all of the time.  At the same time, you better be acting on something.  Having a total comprehensive strategy may not be possible at the moment.

Board members and investors will want to know what you are doing to try and get the waters calm.  If you don’t take definitive action, the startup will die or the CEO gets fired.

Same goes for the President of the United States. When the world is crashing around you, that’s not an answer.   The time to answer the question with, “We don’t have a strategy yet.” was a year ago.

  • What is the US strategy for Russia?  They are invading Ukraine and putting pressure on Poland, and Germany.
  • What is the US strategy for Syria?  A civil war has raged for over a year.
  • What is the US strategy for Israel?  Hamas has built tunnels and is launching rockets daily.
  • What is the US strategy for ISIS?  A new terror organization that is well funded and organized is beheading all kinds of people in a Game of Thrones march through the desert to set up a radical muslim caliphate.  By the way, 16% of France agrees with ISIS.
  • What is the US strategy for North Korea?  Always a tense pressure point on the 43rd parallel.
  • What is the US strategy for China?  Last week, a Chinese fighter jet in a show of strength Top Gun barrel rolled a US patrol plane.  They aren’t flexing their muscles for show.  China has some serious underlying economic hurt.
  • There is a massive banking crisis brewing in Europe, what’s the US strategy?

Supposedly, with Hillary Clinton as Secretary of State, we had an A team working on these problems.  She has pretty much screwed the pooch and I would hate to see how badly she could do as President.  At the same time, where has Obama been?  It’s not just that he is golfing, but goes deeper than that.  It’s not political party differences either, because in a time of crisis, elections shouldn’t matter.  CEO’s and Presidents make decisions for the good of the country; not minutiae or teacher’s pets.

His investors and his Board of Directors are looking for some definitive action that can bring some calm before the world goes spinning out of control.  But, his brain is vacant.  America feels listless, and also it feels like dominoes are falling that could bring us to a situation we don’t want to be in.  There are parallels to both WW1 and WW2, but every new chapter has it’s own twists and turns.  The future requires its own imaginative thinking.

Great leaders have core values.  When things go nuts, they can rely on those core values. They are bedrock that help to speedily build a plan to get the ship right.  This is why when an early stage company starts to grow, one of the things great CEO’s do is build a corporate culture.  When in doubt, they can rely on the core values of that culture to seize the day, and employees internalize it to put out fires.

What are Obama’s core values, and do they mesh with the American culture we have created over 200+ years?

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