Off The Grid

We left Chicago even though Lollapalooza was going on.  It happens to be across the street from where I live.  It gets really touristy where I live and eventually you have to get away.  I love the city.

Tuesday night was a perfect little city night.  We took the L to Little Italy and walked to Tufano’s.  Then we walked, saw a bunch of kids playing in a fire hydrant someone uncapped for them.  We took a few more steps and saw teams playing 16″ softball in the park.    We walked a block, round the corner and picked up some Italian ice from Mario’s.  Sometimes you just have to get out.  Chicago is a great city because there is a lot of open space inside the city. There is the amazing lakefront.  They are developing the river as well.  You can walk almost anywhere you want to go.  If not, the L can get you close.  Tuesday is an awesome night for city people to go out to their favorite places and get something.

We are going to try and go off the grid a couple of times this month. Where do you go to get off the grid?  What do you do?

We like to do things outside, like hike and fly fish.  When my wife and I got married, we went scuba diving in the Cayman Islands.  I love culture, history, eating well and all that comes with cities.  But, I like to be out too.  One time I went to Yellowstone and I don’t think I ever needed to leave.  Pretty amazing place.  I really feel the need to get back out west to mountains in the summer.  I don’t ski, so winter there holds no appeal for me.

Many times we drive to where we are going.  Last fall, we drove to NYC and then to fly fish upstate.  Beaverkill is dope.  I found out about the place on Twitter from a friend of a friend!  We have a diesel, and flying sometimes takes more time if you are going within 8-10 hours.  Plus, I have my car there and can haul the stuff I want.  Next winter, we are going to get out of the Midwest.  Where ever we go, we will drive and turn it into an adventure.

I’ll try to blog but internet is usually spotty.  I have some books to read.   Some stuff to think about.  It will be nice.

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