Don’t Ask Why-Ask YCharts

  • Posted by on September 18th, 2014 at 7:13 am

One of my portfolio companies YCharts just rolled out some new functionality.  Since I initially invested in them back in 2010, they keep rolling out great stuff quarter after quarter.

This recent update is a blockbuster.

YCharts was already the best way to do stock research on the web. Because of the ways you could manipulate variables, you were able to find things in stock patterns and prices that you couldn’t find on other platforms.  They have over 4000 financial metrics pulled in from the SEC website in real time, plus economic indicators.  The charts are limited only by your imagination.

The new dashboard they recently rolled out takes it to a whole new level.  If you are an RIA, Family office, hedge fund or a person who trades some stock for a living, Ycharts is the best way to do research and try and find some edge.

The other key is that YCharts is easy to share.  Embed in a blog, embed in an email or tweet.  When you need to communicate information with clients, Ycharts makes it simple.

The have different versions.  If you are a hard core pro trader or running a wealth management business, they have a pro version for $300 per month.  If you dabble in stocks, they have a lite version that is only $50 per month.  Less than the commissions you’ll pay.

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