Let’s Do Good Together!

  • Posted by on January 30th, 2015 at 8:24 am

Yesterday Public Good Software announced their $1.6M seed round.  I am an investor in that round.   One of the cool things about doing the diligence for the company was getting to know both founders.  Additionally, I was able to put them in touch with potential customers.  One became a customer and one said when the company develops a little further, they’d be interested in becoming a customer.

An aside.  The founders were an integral part of the Obama tech team.  Regular readers of my blog know that I am not a fan of our President.  But, when I am investing in companies, I put all politics aside.   A successful investor invests in great people and great ideas, Public Good wraps both of those into their company.

One of the big bitches a lot of people have about the charity space is the amount of money that goes to overhead.  A lot of your donation goes to pay some pretty monstrous salaries people get to run their bureaucracies.  The United Nations is one that immediately comes to mind, but there are plenty of others.

Public Good solves that problem.  It’s software.  All but 1% of the money goes to the organization you donate to-and they don’t take any money until at least a dollar is donated.  As Albert Wenger said in a recent talk, the marginal cost of  producing more software is basically zero.  Public Good puts that into action for the benefit of people that donate money, and the organizations that receive it.

If you are a person that donates anything to charity, go to Public Good and set up a profile.  They have a searchable database so you can input your preferences.  You control notifications, so you aren’t constantly pestered with email or snail mail to write checks.  You will be surprised at all the organizations that are on the platform seeking to solve some big problems.  There is a cause for you to support on the platform for sure.

Public Good has rolled out two innovative features in the past few months.   First, is “Donate to a Cause”.  Suppose you really want to donate to Children’s Literacy, but can’t pinpoint a specific organization.  Or, you want to make sure lots of organizations got money, but don’t want to take the time to find them.  Donate to a Cause allows you to press one button, donate one amount, and Public Good will allocate the money evenly to all the organizations.  Problem solved.

The other feature they rolled out is the “Take Action” button.  It’s like a social media sharing button you see on digital sites, except it only shows up when there is an article that is relevant.  Chicago Sun Times, Chicago Tribune and Chicago Reader readers may have noticed it already.  For example, let’s say you were concerned with Veterans affairs.  If there was an article about a veteran on a website, the Take Action button would be there, and if you clicked it, you would be directed into a Public Good charity that took care of vets.

Individuals can have their own personal dashboard when they open up a free account at Public Good.  Here is mine.  I hope you will create your own profile today and start doing good.

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